About Us

Schroeder Design Group

Much of the important planning for each new home is handled by Schroeder Design Group. Dreams quickly become a reality at Schroeder Design Group, a residential design firm that offers a collection of pre-designed home plans, as well as modifications and custom design services.

Duff Schroeder, a professional member of the American Institute of Building Design, has been designing homes for over 25 years and has assembled a talented and capable team of designers. Always striving to provide the best possible plans and services, each plan is drawn with AutoCad accuracy and combines refined exteriors and exciting floor plans that reflect the way people live today.


Keith and Duff Schroeder pride themselves on being able to capture that unique feeling that makes a house a home for their customers. “With each home we build, we focus on attention to detail, honesty and integrity,” states Schroeder Homes President and founder, Keith Schroeder. “First we listen, then we build,” adds Duff, the company’s Vice President.

In 1951, Keith began building homes in the Lansing area. He called upon a dedication to hard work he learned as a young boy while working with his father and brothers, first on the farm and then in the family carpentry business. His first complete home sold for $6,600 on the southwest side of Lansing. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the business grew and prospered as new home construction flourished across the country.

In the 1970s, Duff joined the business, learning from the ground up. Design came easy to Duff and he rapidly transitioned into running the design group. Schroeder Homes responded to the energy shortage of the 1970s with designs that featured superior energy saving technology. Schroeder Homes was awarded the prestigious National Energy Efficiency Award from Rockwell Industries.

In 1984, Schroeder Homes began building in Midland and a second office was opened to service the Midland community. The company has moved continuously forward, focusing on satisfying their customers’ ever-changing needs. A relentless commitment to provide exceptional value, quality and service remains a Schroeder foundation. Each Schroeder home is built to meet the needs of a single family and the Schroeders still value that attention to detail, honesty and integrity, much as they did when they began the business.

“Continuing to have the ‘Schroeder’ name represent quality, experience and value,” states Duff. “That will always be important to us.”